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HT6872 2x3W Differential Power Amplifier Board Digital Class D Audio Power Amplifier Module 3.6-6.5V

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Product Introduction:
1.Anti-clipping function 
2.Excellent full bandwidth EMI suppression performance 
3.Free of filter digital modulation,and it can directly drive loudspeakers
4.Output Power:1.40W (3.6V);2.82W (5.0V);4.71W (6.5V)
5.Good click-pop noise suppression performance 
6.High Signal Noise Rate:87dB
7.Low Quiescent Current:2.64mA (3.6V);3.26mA (5.0V);4.04mA (6.5V)
8.Low Turn-off Current:0.01uA 
9.Overcurrent protection and automatic recovery function 
10.Overheat protection function 
11.Undervoltage exception protection function 
1.Portable voice box
2.Iphone/Ipad/MP3 docking 
3.PMP/MP4/MP5 player 
4.Portable game machine
6.USB voice box 
7.Tablet computers 
Typical Application Pictures:

Pin Definition:

1.CTRL:ACF mode and turn-off mode control port 
2.BYPASS:analog reference voltage 
3.IN+:reverse phase input port (differential -)
4.IN+:in-phase input port (differential +)
5.OUT+:in-phase output (BTL+)
8.OUT-:reverse phase output port (BTL-)
Input Configuration:
1.HT6872 receives analog differential or single port audio signal input,and it will generate PWM pulse output signal to drive the loudspeaker 
2.Differential Input:DC block capacitor Cin and input resistor Rin respectively input IN+ and IN- port.System gain Av=200/Rin,input RC high speed filter cut-off frequency f=1/2π(RinCin)
3.Single Port Input:Cin optocoupling to IN+ port.IN- port should connect with ground by input resistor and capacitor (the same as Cin and R?in);gain Av and turn-off frequency f is the same as differential input 
4.Please make sure that system front circuit output impedance Zout should be no more than 600 ohm
Differential Input:


Single Port Input:

External Microcontroller Setting Way:
  External microcontroller logic control port CTRL can achieve ACF and SD mode.According to Vmod1,Vmod2 and Vmod3 shreshold,you can set CTRL voltage.In order to suppress noise,we recommend you adopt no less than 1ms RC filter.
Size Picture:

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Learn More Details in the Video:(you will hear some music in the video
after the module is connected with the amplifier successfully.^0^



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Good power and the quality of the SOUND Figment is highly recommended.

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HT6872 2x3W Differential Power Amplifier Board Digital Class D Audio Power Amplifier Module 3.6-6.5V

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