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XH-M407 XL4016E1 DC to DC Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module DC 4V-40V to DC 1.25V-36V

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1>. This module adopts the XL4016 chip, which is in 180K high frequency working state, with high power and high efficiency.
2>. Input only DC-DC power supply and maximum voltage not greater than 40V (input AC voltage or higher than 40V will damage immediately ).
3>. This module is a step down power supply module.The maximum limit current is 8A, long-term work recommendation is less than or equal to 5A.
4>. Because it is a step-down module, the output range is related to the input. Please keep the input & output voltage difference is more then 2V or follow the following rule:
5>. In the case of low load current, input 12V output Max 11V, input 24V output maximum 23V, input 30V output maximum 29V, input 40V output Max 36V.

1>.High power output.
2>.High current output.
3>.Adjustable output.
4>.Wide voltage input.
5>.High conversion efficiency.
6>.Easy installation.
7>.Strong heat dissipation.

1>.Product name: DC-DC step-down module
2>.Product model: XH-M407
3>.Input voltage: DC4-40V
4>.Output voltage: DC1.25-36V
5>.Output current: Max. 8A
6>.Output power: Max. 250W
7>.Switching frequency: 180KHZ
8>.Work efficiency: 95%
9>.Appearance size: 60*37*29mm    

Steps for use:
1>.Determine the required output voltage;
2>.Connect power to input terminal ‘IN ’ at ‘+’ and ‘-’;
3>.Adjust the potentiometer and test the output voltage to make it reach the required voltage;
4>.Disconnect input power and connect LOAD;
5>.Connect input power.

1>. hatch control
2>. equipment cabinet
3>. air conditioning system
4>. temperature control protection
5>. Refrigerator
6>. Freezer
7>. Water heater
8>. Hosts

Use Caution:
1>. Product input can only use DC current, such as switch power adapter, battery, lithium battery.Cannot use AC current, such as generator, transformer, etc.
2>. Connection type.The left terminal is input and the right is output. This product has anti-protection.But only for small current protection, can not for large current protection.
3>. The maximum input of the product is 40V, and more than 40V will be burned.
4>. This product is the step-down module, can only reduce voltage. The output voltage is always lower than the input and has a voltage differential. The rule for the voltage regulation is to input 12V and the output can only be transferred to 11V. Input 24V and output 23V. Input 30V can output 29V. Input 40V and output 36V.
5>. The maximum load of the module is 8A.If the input voltage is not high, such as input 12V and output 5V, the load can maintain 8A.If the input 24V and output 12V, the load is 8A, the module will be hot, need to add a fan to dissipate heat, otherwise the use of current will be reduced.
6>. If the output voltage can not be change, you might need to rotate potentiometer counterclockwise about 10 turns.

Frequency asked questions:
Why adjust the potentiometer but the output voltage does not change?
A : Please turn the potentiometer counterclockwise more than 10 turns, then turn on the power and adjust the output.

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XH-M407 XL4016E1 DC to DC Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module DC 4V-40V to DC 1.25V-36V

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