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4S 10A 14.8V 16.8V 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery Charger BMS Protection PCB Board

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Lithium battery protection board. It is used to protect the battery to prevent the battery from being over-discharged or over-charged during use, resulting in battery damage.

1>. Small size.
2>. Simple wiring.
3>. Targeted.
4>. Custom installation.


No. Parameter Value
1 Model HX-4S-D20
2 Voltage range 4.25~4.35V±0.05V
3 Size 35*35*3.6mm
4 Overvoltage range 2.3~3.0V±0.05V
5 Upper working current 10A
6 Working temperature -40 to +50 Celsius
7 Maximum instantaneous current 20A
8 Storage condition -40 to +80 Celsius
9 Static current Less than 30uA
10 Effective life More than 50000 hours
11 Internal resistance Less than 100m ohm
12 Short circuit protection Yes,Charge recovery
13 Charging voltage 16.8V-17V
14 Controller S-8254AA

Use Manual:
1>. Connect 4pcs lithium battery at B+,B3,B2,B1,B-
2>. P+ and P- is output or input

Using Attention:
1>. Please strictly follow the wiring diagram: 0V (B-), 3.7V (B1), 7.4V (B2), 11.1V (B3), 14.8V (B+), do not intentionally short-circuit!
2>. After connecting the wire, it needs to be charged before it has output.
3>. In series 4 batteries, please ensure that the voltage of each battery is the same. If it is different, please charge each battery separately and then use it in series. In the discharge test, the rapidly decreasing of voltage battery is the poor battery.
4>. Don't mix good batteries with bad batteries!The more similar the battery capacity or internal resistance, the better! (The effect of 2 good batteries +2 poor batteries = The effect of 4 poor batteries).

1>. The Battery protection board cannot be used for lithium iron phosphate battery, hernia lamp, hand electric drill battery pack, electric fish electromechanical battery group, electric bicycle battery pack, children's car battery, 775(4A) above motor, 1W fisheye LED light.

2>. For the discharge products with 3A current and above, the discharge ratio of the battery should be above 3C.

3>. Multiplier calculation formula:
1C multiplier battery, 2000mAh capacity is equal to 2AH*1=2A upper limit working current.
3C multiplier battery, 2000mAh capacity is equal to 2AH*3=6A upper limit working current.

4>. In use, if the battery is hot, it means that the battery multiplier is not applicable. This situation cannot be used for a long time, and the battery will be damaged quickly.

1>. Small power inverter
2>. Massager battery pack
3>. LED lamp backup power
4>. Electronic products
5>. Solar street lamp battery pack
6>. Monitoring standby power supply

Fault handling and solution:

Fault handling and solution
Fault phenomenon Fault check and reason Processing method and warranty
Unable to discharge Connect the applicable charger to charge, then measure the voltage of 4 batteries separately. If one of the batteries has a voltage of less than 2.7 volts, the protection plate will start to be protected. Match each battery, the good battery and the bad battery do not mix (cannot solve, contact customer service)
Unable to charge Measure the voltage of 4 batteries. If one of the battery voltage exceeds 4.23V, the protection plate will start overcharge protection. Match each battery, the good battery and the bad battery do not mix (cannot solve, contact customer service)
Charge/discharge failure B-(0V), B1(3. 7V), B2(7.4V), B3(11.1V), B+(14.8V). Wrong connection. Rewiring or replacing the new board.
Overcharge/over-discharge failure B-(0V), B1(3. 7V), B2(7.4V), B3(11.1V), B+(14.8V). Wrong connection. Rewiring or replacing the new board.
Discharge protection Check whether the starting current of the load exceeds the overcurrent protection current of the protection plate. Replacement of larger current protection plate (out-of-work range, self-paid freight return)
Component pseudo soldering The component has a pin that is not connected to the PCB pad. Self-repair welding (can not be solved, contact customer service to return)
Components continuous soldering There is a short circuit between two or more pins of the element. Remove the components and resolder (can not be solved, contact customer service to return)
Electrostatic breakdown When In the situation of without electricity , measure G, D, S pole of  MOS tube, any two pins positive resistance and reverse resistance are 0 Ω. Remove and replace the M0S tube (cannot be solved, can not be solved, contact customer service to return)

Frequently asked questions:
1>. Can I use this protection board for my battery?
A: you need to consider two things. First, how many strings your battery is, you need to buy the protection board corresponding to the number of strings. Second, what is the material of your battery. We have two kinds of protection plates for lithium iron phosphate and polymer lithium batteries. You need to annotate your battery specific model in the classification.

2>. How do I tell what my battery is made of?
A: you can see your battery nominal voltage. The lithium iron phosphate battery is typically 3.2V, and the other batteries are typically 3.6V or 3.7V. You can also directly ask the seller of the battery. Many buyers say that my battery is 18650 or 26650 soft bag, this is the shape, not the material! We can't determine your battery protection parameters according to this.

3>. How much current protection should I choose?
A: it depends on the power of your product or the controller limit flow. For example, choose 10A below 100W, 20A below 200W, and 25A below 300W.Note that the protection plate current cannot be less than the controller current limit.

4>. My battery is 20AH, so can I use this protection board?
A: the battery capacity is not directly related to the current size of the protective panel. Large capacity is not a big battery. According to the continuous current, that is to say, the larger the power of your battery, the larger the current of the protection plate you choose will be, and it has no direct relationship with your battery capacity.

5>. How to set the charger voltage?
A: The lithium battery shall be charged with the special charger of lithium battery. Do not use the lead-acid battery charger, and the lead acid charge may have high voltage anti-breakdown protection plate MOS tube, causing the protection plate to be overcharged and unprotected.

B: Charger voltage setting: battery pack number *4.2V, which is the charging voltage of non-ferrous lithium battery. The charging voltage of the iron lithium battery is the battery number *3.60V, which is the charging voltage of the iron lithium battery, and the charging current standard is 0.2 times the capacity.


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4S 10A 14.8V 16.8V 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery Charger BMS Protection PCB Board

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